1. Technology

    With the rapidness of advancement in Technology these days, it is a given that a company stays ahead of the curve only by being adept at adopting and mastering technologies. Technology is at the heart of Innobox's success and is the cornerstone for all our Products and Services. Instead of a single lane approach, we have focused our attention towards building a dedicated team of experts who have proven experience and expertise, across a multitude of technologies. Our multi-functional, cross-functional, technological expertise today spans the complete range of new product designing, developing and product management services.

    The Innobox team has technical expertise to build and deliver cutting edge products on time with no compromise on quality and functionality, and also the brilliance to offer multi-dimensional services in the areas of:

    • Open Source
    • Networking and Communications
    • Computer Vision and Parallel Compute
    • Multimedia
    • Cloud
    • Embedded Systems
    • Security
  2. Open Source

    Innobox is a leading company in the consumption and production of open source software. Devices, Applications and Frameworks are enriched with available open-source modules to minimize product cost and to enable a time-to-market perspective. Our teams constantly collaborate with the open source community world-wide to get and extend help.

    With the Linux operating system as the heart, the Innobox team is capable of distribution, packages, modules, service frameworks and databases.

    Our software technology philosophy is predominantly based on scalability, integrity, reliability, and speed.

    It is our enduring passion for quality that has augmented our swift growth in developing technologies on various embedded products. By applying our technology skills,we provide high-quality solutions to all our customers.

    Innobox contributes to developing products for open-source operating systems, drivers,kernels, boot-loaders, frameworks, middleware and applications.

  3. Networking & Communications

    The Innobox team has complete understanding of the 802.xx specification and its implementations, including Security, QoS and Mobility. We are extremely well versed with compliance, certification and productization. Secure Connectivity, Remote storage and Management, Tuning of Streaming Media are a few application implementations over the 802.xx communication standards that our team has implemented over the years.

    The Innobox team has also worked on acceleration and optimizations at every layer in the network stack for both wired and wireless communication, applications like AVOD systems, Virus and Spam filtering, Provisioning and Management, Traffic Shaping and Management.

  4. Computer Vision and Parallel Compute

    With the ever miniaturization of computing hardware, complex and high speed computing has moved from desktops to the pockets. Maximizing computing power by tapping onboard resources and cheaper alternatives has created a surge in heterogeneous parallel computing by deploying GPUs as computing resource. Complex computation problems today can be solved with out the help of huge servers and farms.

    Innobox understands the bottlenecks in computing path like no other company. We can identify, parallelize and accelerate some of the most complex and challenging tasks. Innobox uses industry-standard computational platforms and interfaces like SimpleCV, OpenCV, DirectCompute, Open-CL and CUDA to develop complex applications such as Signal Processing, Data Mining, Cryptography, Simulation, Virtualization, and Biometric Security Solutions.

    Our technical experts develop and port applications on GPUs to speed up the magnitude and optimization of CPU implementation.

    Innobox focuses on cataloging the use of GPUs to create acentralized resource for general-purpose computations.

  5. Multimedia

    Our passion for multi-media has kept us at the top of the innovation curve with our ability to adapt industry standards quickly and packaging them into products. Our team is extremely well versed in advanced codecs and open-source frameworks and we are proud to be one of the few companies that have attempted to accelerate 4K resolution movies over GPGPUs.

    The Innobox team can deliver Decoders, Encoders, Pre and Post Processing Effects, Digital Rights Management, Color conversion and Mixing, Performance, Power optimization and tuning without a glitch. Our team can handle Content Creators, Content Parsers, Encoders, Decoders, Post Processing, Synchronization and Rendering of devices on portable mobile or a 4K Digital Cinema projection system.

  6. Cloud

    Innobox enriched itself by adapting to Cloud early on and has delivered solutions ranging from media rendering to complex business application and content management systems. Advanced cloud virtualization techniques, advanced cloud storage techniques like SCSI are a few feathers in the Innobox cap. Secure cloud access application implementations that manipulate and render data securely over CDNs have been implemented by our team.

    The Innobox team is well versed with load balancers for high scalability and availability, Programmable and Dynamic instance creation and configurations, Optimization of CPU and Storage usage to minimize costs. We work with all leading cloud service providers.

  7. Embedded Systems

    Embedded devices have proliferated into every part of our lives today, ranging from automation, data acquisition and portable entertainment to computing, connectivity and security. The emphasis today is on low power and faster compute capabilities while expecting better-to-same performance, andevery technology is being packed into devices to meet these requirements.

    Staying ahead of the curve in Embedded means staying at the apex of a multitude of technologies. At Innobox, evolving processor architectures, ever upgrading RTOS variants, smart transducers and IO subsystems are constantly researched, to ensure we stay at the apex.

    Boot Drivers, BSP, Security, Storage, Connectivity, Touch, Display, Gesture, Localization, and MicroKernels are a few focus areas we constantly invest in and enrich.

    Our team of multi-skilled technocrats works on proven and controlled processes and delivery methods to add value to our products and services.

    Our expertise in the embedded domain can result in the development of embedded products and devicesin Power, Security, Telecom, Healthcare, Portable Compute and Communication Solutions.

  8. Security

    In today’s complex world, there is an ever increasing risk of security concerns for both identity and data.

    Innobox is capable of accelerating the deployment of DRM solutions like MARLIN, WIDEVINE, WMDRM, OMA for Multi-Platform, Multi-Device, Storage and Transmission for Digital content. We have worked closely with the Content Owners and Content Providers to setup secure rights management system for their prized digital media.

    We also leverage our expertise in parallel compute to accelerate Biometric authentication for secure identity management.