1. Services

    Innobox leverages its technology expertise and service to ensure customer satisfaction and redefines perceived business techniques.

    We have an enduring passion for excellence that has expedited our growth over the years.

    Our technocrats are involved in researching, designing and developing techniques for wireless, networking, computer vision, mobile, digital media, cloud computing, open-source, embedded systems and entertainment products.

    Innobox provides niche product services and consulting for next generation technologies. Our main objective is to provide scalability, agility and flexibility, and enable a global roll-out. We offer a one-stop shop for product development services, including certification.

    Our Services include:

    • Linux and Android
    • Wireless
    • Networking
    • Computer Vision
    • Digital Media
    • Portable Devices
    • Content Management System
  2. Linux and Android

    Innobox designs and provides some of the industry’s leading open-source products. Our expert technocrats design, develop and offer agile integration of Linux & Android products based on open-source operating systems, middleware, drivers, kernel, boot-loader, frameworks and applications to provide customers with diversified applications.

    From inception and design to production, Innobox has displayed outstanding competency on digital media and portable products. We have rich experience in developing embedded solutions to port Android operating system on portable platforms, develop applications for the platform, implement customized Android solutions, develop and implement several advanced capabilities and functions for portable tablets, multi-customized android–based multimedia solutions and provide distinct, cost-effective digital media solutions.

    With our in-depth technical skills and comprehensive knowledge we can provide value-added services, drivers-development, Linux-kernel customization, boot-loaders and frameworks-customization, extension and optimization. Our skill sets also span the Cloud technology.

  3. Wireless

    Innobox works on advanced high-speed wireless technologies that enable seamless connectivity to users on the move. We have delivered solutions to many innovative products from long range advanced wireless technologies like 3G & LTE to short range wireless technologies like Wi-Fi & Bluetooth.

    We have a comprehensive insight into QoS, Performance, Optimization, Mobile IP, Compliance and Certification. Our teams have deployed multiple products using 802.xx, 3GPP, GSM, CDMA and UMTS family of communication technologies.

  4. Networking

    Data networks are evolving, with many innovative physical layers supported by a huge network stack. Connecting and managing a multitude of devices has pushed the networking capabilities while mobility has only further multiplied the complexity. Providing seamless services over high-speed, mobile network is a huge challenge.

    Innobox stays ahead of the competition by implementing IPv6, IP-mobility, seamless authentication and secure-remote management. Our deeper understanding of L3-L7 stack enables us to build, and refine networks to deliver optimal performance for Multimedia, Mobility and QoS

  5. Computer Vision

    Innobox develops solutions for inferring details based on digital images and video. Visual perception is one of the key aspects of human intelligence. Understanding of vision principles can yield behavioural properties in diverse areas like digital marketing, transportation safety, shopping experience, and security. Innobox has experience developing solutions for real-world data and are actively working with its partners on a range of vision-based projects.

    Innobox can collaborate with you for your vision-based projects. We provide commercial technology integration services based on open source foundations.

  6. Digital Media

    Our passion for multi-media has kept us at the top of the innovation curve with our ability to adapt industry standards quickly and package them into products. Our team is extremely well versed in advanced codecs and open-source frameworks and we are proud to be one of the few companies that have attempted to accelerate 4K resolution movies over GPGPUs.

    The Innobox team can deliver Decoders, Encoders, Pre and Post Processing Effects, Digital Rights Management, Color conversion and Mixing, Performance, Power optimization and tuning without a glitch. Our team can handle Content Creators, Content Parsers, Encoders, Decoders, Post Processing, Synchronization and Rendering of devices on portable mobile or a 4K Digital Cinema projection system.

  7. Portable Devices

    Innobox is focused on designing and developing portable device electronics. Challenges in portable devices include performance and power. At Innobox, we constantly redefine boundaries of performance and power to enable portable devices to add more functionality and longer battery life. Our services span a wide range of activities starting from system architecture, hardware software system design, mass production and certification.

  8. Content Management Systems

    Innobox offers a variety of reliable, flexible, customized, low cost open-source frameworks and applications. We consistently develop skills to utilize some of the best tools and standard frameworks.

    We design and create cutting-edge solutions to help companies with the flexibility needed to respond to changing business requirements, execution and market conditions.

    Innobox offers open-source based solutions and products that are low cost and highly stable, with improved access protection, high performance and better functionality.

    Our CMS solutions are designed to publish interfaces with low cost and with no hidden royalties or license fees, backward compatible and ensure compliance with industry standard ERP/CRM applications.