1. Products

    Our products are built with an ability to adapt and use customer-friendly features for smart, innovational, and personalization tools. We provide resources for expansion with platforms in order to congregate increased usages and support the convergence of next generation of multi-platforms through our products.

    Innobox provides cutting edge products in:

    • Inattentiveness Detection Platform
    • Brand Informatics Platform
    • Media Streaming Platform
  2. Inattentiveness Detection Platform

    Detection and Prevention of inattentive users of motor vehicles and heavy machinery can reduce cost of ownership and maintenance, potentially saving lives. ID-BOX, Innobox proprietary platform uses video search and analytics to determine inattentive users and take necessary actions as appropriate. Its integrated cloud recording system, powerful hardware and extensible modular software can be quickly integrated into an existing system or made to work independently.

    Want to learn more about ID-BOX? Write to us at sales-at-innobox-dot-com

  3. Brand Informatics Platform

    Brand information search and identification from the images scattered across the social media space to understand the impact of the digital marketing for any brand is challenging. BI-BOX, Innobox proprietary platform attempts to extract brand information from the chaotic presence of digital marketing information across social media spaces. Its cloud based search system and extensible modular software can be quickly integrated into an existing system or made to work independently.

    Want to learn more about BI-BOX? Write to us at sales-at-innobox-dot-com

  4. Media Streaming Platform

    Innobox recognises and addresses the complexities of supporting several types of content, devices, formats. Innobox offers technology platform for cloud media streaming applications for content owners and providers to deliver content to a multitude of devices with varying capabilities.

    MS-BOX, Innobox proprietary media streaming platform provides complete set of tools for conversion, and streaming for plethora of devices available in the market. MS-BOX, our media streaming platform, is device agnostic, format agnostic, network agnostic, and is a scalable, hosted, media streaming platform.

    MS-BOX uses easy to manage innovative compression technology, advanced cloud media streaming techniques and CDN (content-distribution-network) to develop hi-quality media streaming solutions that is cost effective.

    MS-BOX enables media content providers and media services companies to focus on application innovation instead of investing in infrastructure, to host and serve the content. Dynamic connection scaling and management, adaptive bitrate streaming, multi-device capability, content storage and security are some of the USPs customers get to benefit by partnering with Innobox on the MS-BOX. Innobox also provides simple web based management as well as SDK with programmable API management.

    MS-BOX also include media conversion solution to simplify multi-format media handling capabilities of devices as well as media services companies. Its powerful converters for different devices with presets for individual devices, customized tweaking and profiles, multiple file support, all wrapped up in a simple interface. MS-BOX can convert single file or multiple files and formats simultaneously, providing secure content ingress and egress to ensure all formats are protected.

    Innobox also designs and develops Cloud streaming solutions that adapt to varying networking conditions, monitor the network throughput and use intelligent Client-Server Programming for maintaining encrypted data channel between computers, televisions and mobile phones irrespective of the capability of the connected client devices. Our remote management empowers seamless access to the content using open source technologies that are cost effective.

    MS-BOX is available as standalone and cloud hosted solution, to enable distribution of any format content via streaming or downloading.

    Want to learn more about MS-BOX? Write to us at sales-at-innobox-dot-com